Miracles: Home Study

12 week Home Study PROGRAM

includes Writing Prompts, Sacred Sanctuary Recordings, Quotes delivered weekly through email on Sunday.

The miracle comes quietly into the mind that stops an instant and is still. ~ A Course in Miracles

“If things are good, say good things, if things are bad, say twice as many good things.” ~Todd Michael

What is a miracle?

*A shift in perspective

*A movement from fear to love

*A moment by moment practice

*A “field” of energy

Are you ready to energize new possibilities, miraculous moments, more surrender, celebration, presence and allowing?

A 12 week journey into exploring the conditions of a miracle. This program is experiential. You decide which tools and resources you want to use. You decide how deep you want to go into the experience.

Resources and tools include inspiration from The 12 Conditions of a Miracle by Todd Michael and A Course in Miracles (#ACIM), Daily Writing Prompts for Reflection, Sacred Sanctuary Meditation and Inspirations


The first time I read and followed the guidance, from The 12 Conditions of a Miracle by Todd Michael, I was in a program called Spiritual Peacemaking with James Twyman. It was 2006 and I was on a deep, spiritual journey with myself after the death of my husband. I became an ordained minister in that program after studying Peace in 12 major religions and discovering the power in peace within. Healing grief, releasing old conditioning, welcoming the new.

I return to this book every summer to learn more. To feel, release and place my attention on cultivating a field of miracle consciousness with a daily, ongoing journey. A practice of peace, desire and infinite possibilities.

In 2016, for the first time, I decided to offer this as a course and a place to connect together. Basically, to do my daily practice with a group of people. This is now available as a group experience, on-line every summer and as a home study that can be used anytime that works for you.

12 week Program includes:

*Daily prompts for reflection and writing

*Ideas and inspiration from the books 12 Conditions of a Miracle by Todd Michael and A Course in Miracles

*Energy Tools

*12 Sacred Sanctuary Space recordings: An Inspiration from 12 Conditions of a Miracle and a silent space for meditating and writing.


With a focused principle and energy for each week, the intention is to shine a light on your life. To create a space for exploring and expanding. To support you living a life filled with miracles and light. Embracing the shadow as an ally and teacher who is guiding you to fulfill your desires.


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Keyword Focus of each week will be posted in the secret Facebook daily and the prompts emailed to you once a week:

Step 1: Emptiness

Step 2: Alignment

Step 3: Asking

Step 4: Maximizing

Step 5: Giving

Step 6: Grounding

Step 7: Visualizing

Step 8: Gratitude

Step 9: Acting As If

Step 10: Engaging the Cycle

Step 11: Receiving

Step 12: Recycling



Cost of 12 week program home study: $47

Within 24 hours of registering, you will receive a welcome email with some tips on getting started.

Week One through Week Twelve arrive in email every Sunday. One week at a time.


Welcome to the miracle adventure!


Miracles-Independent Study
$47 for full program